About Kinetic

Kinetic is a recognized leader in plasma cutting systems worldwide. Since our start in 1993 in New Zealand, we’ve developed dozens of patented innovations that take plate processing to new levels of speed, accuracy and productivity.

Our machines do more than just cut plate, they help businesses maximize productivity. By combining traditional plate processing technology with vertical machining functions that can drill, mill, tap, bore and more, we help plate processors eliminate multiple setups, do away with moving WIP from station to station, and ultimately save time and money.

Thanks to thoughtful machine design, our cutting systems hold up to the rigors of modern manufacturing, are easy to service, and minimize downtime. That means a Kinetic machine will run faster, longer and more efficiently than any other.

Today, we serve the Northern hemisphere from our United States office, while serving the Southern hemisphere from our New Zealand office. This allows us to provide around-the-clock service and the highest degree of responsiveness worldwide.

Explore our various machines, software and accessories below, and contact us today to learn more. We look forward to helping your business gain the kind of competitive advantage that only Kinetic can deliver.

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