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Tutorial Videos

These instructional videos accompany the PrimecutNE Tutorials Manual, they are in html5 format so please ensure your browser is up to date and compatible.

Please note these videos are not intended to replace working through the tutorials in a tutorials database, working through these is still the best way to effectively learn the software, but may provide guidance if you get stuck, and provide a ready reference to basic functionality in future.


Workflow Tutorial 1: Basic workflow

  • Create a workorder (job)
  • Auto Nest Parts from the job onto a single plate
  • Process, Schedule and Cut the plate
  • Close the job when it has been completed

Workflow Tutorial 2: Cropping and remnant handling

  • Manual Nesting, Sequencing
  • Cropping a plate and creating a remnant

Workflow Tutorial 3: Working with multiple plates at once

  • Copying line items between jobs
  • Autonesting multiple plates
  • Processing, sequencing and scheduling multiple plates at once

Workflow Tutorial 4: Adding parts to a scheduled plate

  • Creating Part Geometry
  • Adding Parts to a scheduled plate (unscheduling, adding, rescheduling)

Workflow Tutorial 5: Reusing parts and nests

  • Part re-use, using old parts from the database
  • Nest re-use, copying old nests to new plates


Editing Tutorial 3: Exporting and Importing a Bill of Materials

  • Export existing workorder items as a Bill of Materials
  • Import Bill of Materials into new workorder

Editing Tutorial 4: Importing parts using a CSV file

  • Import and examine CSV file


Nesting Tutorial 1: Nesting Basics

  • Adding Plate to Stock
  • Manual nesting, handles, rotation, force-fit
  • Copying parts within and between plates
  • Nest re-use

Nesting Tutorial 2: Arraying and Clustering

  • Basic and staggered arrays
  • Array Spacing and Rotation
  • Arraying Clusters

Nesting Tutorial 3: Multibox Nesting

  • Nesting for multiple torches


Processing Tutorial 3: Spindle Processing

  • Drill application
  • Depth control, through or to specified depth
  • Compound processing, eg drilling and tapping
  • Chamfering

Processing Tutorial 5: Hypertherm True Hole

  • Automatic application of Hypertherm True Hole based on hole geometry

Advanced Processing

Advanced Processing Tutorial 1: Common Line Cutting

  • Common Line Cutting for multiple parts

Advanced Processing Tutorial 2: Bridging

  • Spine bridging
  • Auto strike-through bridging
  • Manual strike-through bridging
  • Avoid distortion problems when bridging

Advanced Processing Tutorial 4: Basic Beveling

  • Creating a 30 degree knife bevel
  • Creating a bevel and land
  • Creating a “K” (also know as “Y”) bevel

Advanced Processing Tutorial 5: Advanced Beveling

  • Transition bevels
  • Fixing bevel rotation for oblique pipe penetrations
  • Complex bevel transitions

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