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Notes can be applied to different entities in PrimecutNE, and serve different purposes. Note in particular, the distinction between part and item notes. We now color code the notes to help you identify them:

Workorder(Job) and Quote Notes

These notes apply to an entire workorder (often referred to as a job) or quote. For example they may include additional delivery informatiopn, notes on plate sourcing, or any other general notes applying to the entire job. Quote notes propagate to the job notes when a quote is won.

Item Notes

Item notes refer to a single line item within a job or quote. They may describe something special about a particular part on this particular job, for example “customer MUST have these by Tuesday”, or “use customersupplied plate 2251 to nest”. They are propagated from items in a quote when it is won to items in a job. They are visible to nesters, and are useful for conveying information between the sales and nesting teams.

Part Notes

Part notes are stored against the part itself and should be used to record part specific information, regardless of which quote or job the part is used in. ie they are particularly useful when parts are to be reused across multiple jobs. A typical example might be “Center bore diameter has a critical tolerance”.

Plate Notes

Plate notes are generally authored by the nester/programmer for the benefit of the machine operator, eg “stack parts on pallets after cutting” but may also be used to record specific stock information, “eg Plate is supplied by Customer X”

Plate Operator Notes

When the plate is reconciled (marked as having been cut), and especially when reconciled at the machine, the operator or reconciler can record notes from the cutting process to assist the programmers. For example “nesting gap should be bigger.”

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