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Bevel Genius is a collection of automated bevel programming technologies to make programming of beveled parts easier and the the results more predictable.

  • Top left leadin placement
  • Leadin/Leadout collision detection and collision avoidance
  • Leads should avoid being placed immediately after a compound bevel
  • Parts with single beveled edges should be oriented such that the beveled edge lies along a consistent part edge
  • Improved auto-bevel processing of DSTV (.nc1) files: Auto area-layer generation, auto cut sequence optimization within the part.

With bevel genius, bevel processing automatically attempts to apply the above rules. In doing so the part autonesting orientations may be restricted to a single orientation, however unlike grain constraint, the part can still be manually nested in any orientation.


A top-left leadin placement is generally recommended for the preferred right to left cutting sequence:

topleft severance

Many bevel processes are applied to open paths, especially when creating composite bevels, and the leadin placement for these paths cannot of course be altered- you must leadin at the start of the open path and leadout at the end… end of story. However frequently there is a final closed path which contains lands and/or top bevels, being the “topmost” cuts in the part. This is the cut that finally severs the part from the plate.

On the PlateDragga, top-left lead placement also means the part is severed “downstream” of the cutting aperture and with the plate generally not moving.


This often causes the part to drop or move before the final compound bevel is completed, for example the following is bad programming:

bevel bad lead

Primecut Bevel Genius will now automatically place leads away from the compound bevel end, and set the part autonesting orientations automatically to nest it so the lead is still top-left:

bevel orientation


The recommended Bevel Genius settings are as follows:

Bevel Genius

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