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How Plasma Cutting System Accuracy Can Impact Your Business

At Kinetic, we’ve taken cutting technology to a whole new level of speed and accuracy. In fact, our customers tell us that our plasma cutting machines are faster, more accurate, and more efficient than any other.  Read on for three ways legendary Kinetic accuracy will help your business gain a competitive advantage.

Less Rework

When you’re cutting hundreds or thousands of critical parts, tolerances matter. And if parts don’t meet your client’s specifications, reproducing them can be costly. Not only does extra material and machine time cost your business money, but the time needed to bump projects and accommodate the rework can really throw off your production schedule and create a domino effect of missed deadlines.

With Kinetic machines, best-in-class accuracy means less rework, increased production capacity and happier clients.

Less Downstream Work

No matter what you’re building, fitting up metal parts for subsequent processes takes time. And when parts don’t fit together precisely, it’s easy to incur a great deal of time and expense grinding, recutting, or otherwise adjusting your parts so that they’ll fit.

Especially when sending parts off for remote assembly, precisely cut parts mean faster fitup, higher quality welds and joints, and dramatically reduced build times.

In fact, we’ve heard from our customers that Kinetic machines lead to faster fit up times that can help fabricators save a great deal of time and money downstream of the cutting process.

Big Savings

Our machines feature best-in-class cutting accuracy, drilling accuracy and repeatability for a reason. Our mission is to help businesses improve efficiency and maximize productivity, and machine accuracy is a huge component of this. Less accurate machines end up wasting time, decreasing efficiency and lowering profitability, so we’ve built one of the most accurate machines on the market to help our customers get ahead.

If you’re looking for a smart plasma cutting machine that will help your business maximize productivity even downstream of the cutting process, contact us today. We’re standing by to answer your questions and help you choose the right machine.

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