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Here you will find version by version list of new features added to PrimecutNE as well as notes and examples showing how to utilize the new features.

See also PrimecutNE Usage Notes which contains a complete list of tips, guides and notes.  As of Release 131, context sensitive help is now available throughout the application.

RELEASE 131 (Client Version

Refer to the online documentation.

RELEASE 130 and earlier (Client Version

  • Version 4.5.499
    Productivity Improvements, especially for working with plate processing and bevels.
  • Version 4.5.491
    New High-DPI iconset.  Main menu always accessible.  Smartclusters for chain and bridge cutting, commonline cutting and stripping.  Improved autonesting with cross-clustering and a parallelized implementation for multi-core machines.
  • Version 4.5.465
    Thermal lock leads, bevel corner mitering, improved manual cropping, easier nest copying for won quotes and existing workorders, part harvesting enhancements and quick reconciliation on plates.
  • Version 4.5.421
    Nest priority and test coupon support. Plate stock freezing, thawing, deletion, setting plate condition and customer owned plates. Part Grouping and new Spindle Costing fields. Firebird 3 backend database. GSS ERP Integration.
  • Version 4.5.403
    Strumis ERP integration, Drawing etching layers auto-hinted to process as macro text, improvements to CSV part import, added menu to show and hide treeview columns, construction lines, improved performance over WAN connection, improved alphanumeric sorting, bevel lead collision avoidance, copying of user settings between users.
  • Version 4.5.389
    Machines now support default tools for auto-processing, Bevel Genius, adaptive bevel leads, colored plate metafiles, improved DSTV processing, multiple quote reports, nestmap label size controls, Dispatch enhancements, Part-Based Quoting area calculation options, Show Related Plates function.
  • Version 4.5.379
    Attachment support added for Parts, Workorders, Quotes, auto-graining across bend lines in DSTV (.nc1) files, support for hardware accelerated graphics, high-DPI rendering improvements, additional dock locations for properties window, ability to label parts extended to part processing editor, .NEPrt part export/import format for transferring processed parts between PrimecutNE databases
  • Version 4.5.371
    New icons, Align Feature in Nesting, better leadin positioning both auto and manual, Grade Override, Optional Native 3D CAD Import (Solidworks, Inventor, NX etc). (See also Notes for Upgrading to 4.5.371 from earlier versions )
  • Version 4.5.365
    Kerf Visualization Support, Improved corner leadin placement, Improved pre-pierce, GUI modernization and support for 4k and 5k monitors, Plate Attachments, 64bit Beta
  • Version 4.5.359
    Drag and Drop support, Dispatch, Improved Tool Sequencing, Improved part metadata recognition from drawing files
  • Version 4.5.348
    Auto Skeleton breakup, Auto Trapdooring, Ability to shorten open cuts at either end
  • Version 4.5.347
    Passthrough machine and trapdoor support, improved cropping and automatic bevel corner loops, improved item notes
  • Version 4.5.335
    Simplified Quote report data sourcing, and QFJ (Quoting from Cut Jobs)
  • Version 4.5.333
    Upperbounds and fairness checks on mixed job nest costing, Improved visual job progress indicators

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