Part drawings can now be dragged into Primecut workorders and quotes. Files can be dragged from explorer or from Outlook. Supported files include any currently readable drawing format or BOM, including DXF, DWG, STEP, NC1.


Primecut can now track part shipments to customers, and to and from service suppliers; for example if parts are shipped to an external supplier to receive extra processing. Tracking numbers and packing information is tracked, and packing slips can be generated. Partial fulfillment of workorders, as well as shipping of multiple workorders within a single shipment is supported.

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This update improves support for tool sequencing. In particular the preferred tool order is now set in the Machines section via the Sequence Rating, and in the the machines section the tools are now grouped by sequence rating, and bevels are now correctly automatically sequence bottom to top.

See also Controlling Tool Priority for Auto Sequence Optimization


See Avoiding part tip-up on small parts.


Other improvements have been implemented since Version 4.5.348 include:

  • Part name recognition improved – scale factors are detected and ignored
  • Part quantity recognition improved – x7, 7x etc recognized.
  • Geographic sort of labels for recognition allows better association of related text, other recognition judgement improvements.
  • Interpart gap used to expand rectangular extents when doing part based quoting was fixed at 10mm, is now adjustable (Global settings,
  • Quote tab, “Expand Part Width and Height by Gap when calculating RectArea”.
  • Reporting: CSV, PDF, XLS, XML report export buttons reinstated, Auto Open behavior corrected.
  • Reporting: XLS output now properly handles unit display types (length, mass etc).
  • Improved support for Platedragger machines
  • DXF/DWG Import: REGION entities are now read, MULTILEADER entities now read multileader text (multileader arrows are not supported).
  • DSTV Import: Null lines are filtered out, improved error messages for unsupported DSTV kinds (Channel etc).
  • Quote Value and Quote Number columns added to the workorder explorer.

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