New Functionality and Documentation

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New Functionality and Documentation

Server Update Instructions
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Major Functionality in Release 132:

First Release March 2022


REST webserver- allows integration with 3rd party accounting and ERP applications via a bi-directional REST interface, includes Quoting, Job and Plate Stock Management endpoints.  Online documentation for the REST API can be found here.

Subroutine support for postprocessors

Collision Avoidance

Microjoint support

More database configurable options for lead placement, and ability to autoplace hook leads

New postprocessor support for Bystronic and LVD lasers, and Farley combination machines

New Material Pricing Model with increased granularity: price by Grade and Thickness (existing Functionality), Plate Template or individual plate pricing.

Improved support for different plate conditions; apply different processing settings based on plate condition

Improved Touchcut Integration: compare predicted runtimes with actual machine times tool by tool, program by program (Requires Touchcut update)

Automatic updating of Primecut client caches (users, materials, processing data, machines etc) when server data is modified.

Drill Prepierce support for Milling processes

Cooperative Locking of workorder line items, enabling nesting of some line items while others are being edited.

Aids to refreshing line item Part Revisions in Nesting Mode.

Plate Selector Improvements

Show Related Plates functions to speed inter-plate navigation in Nesting

Workspaces for quickly recalling between sets of parts, plates, workorders and quotes



Major Functionality Introduced in Release 131:

First Release August 25 2020


Release 131 contains a number of major new features.  It will require a database update to schema v48 (running a full server update takes care of this).

Primecut client version numbers will from now on use the Release Number as the second item in the version number, so  Primecut client for Release 131 will be designated ver


Context Sensitive Help

Workorder and Quote Sharing between Databases  


New Calendar Scheduling Window

Material favorites

Spindle Depth Overrides and Depth Expressions

Dynamic Plate Processing


Tekla EPM (formertly Fabsuite) Integration


The following functionality may be available in the latest Release 130 client versions.  Refer to your readme.text to see what is included in your version.


Z Mode vs Depth Mode

Finishing Settings

Pad Milling from 3D STEP Import

Pad Milling Path Creation

Local Coordinate Systems



Drill Data and Hole Visualization



Miter Bevels

Apply Transition Bevel



New Dynamic Offset Tool

Fillet Selection

Create Ellipse From Arcs

Improved Jigsaw Breakup

Recently Updated Documentation

Improvement of documentation is ongoing; here are some of the recently overhauled or added topics:

Import and Export of Process Data

Importing Plates to Stock using CSV Files

Plate Coordinates

Text Marking

Label Parts on Plates

Bevel Process and Bevel Segment Properties

Using a Cutting Tool as a Virtual Spindle Tool

Auto Nesting

Manual Nesting

Memory Nesting

Quote Warnings

Quote Calculations

Geometry Editor Reference

Using Multiple Tools at Once

Processing Context Menu

Pipe Tools






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