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  • Kinetic will cease development of its Primecut3 nesting software, to enable a greater commitment to the more powerful Primecut NE nesting product:
  • Official support including bug fixes and and new Autocad version support will cease Thursday 28 March 2019
  • AutoCAD 2018 will be the last DXF/DWG format officially supported by Primecut3.
  • We will not be adding support for any new Windows operating systems to Primecut3, Windows 10 is the last supported OS.
  • All customers with active Primecut3 support contracts will have their support term extended until the EOL date: Thursday 28 March 2019
  • Customers may of course continue to use their Primecut3 beyond the EOL date, and we will continue to provide a basic level of support for it, including reinstallation and registration if required.


PrimecutNE’s licensing threshold has been reduced, we no longer have a minimum license count of 3. Single Primecut NE licenses are now available. We know a large number of users enjoy and have come to rely on Primecut 3 for their part nesting and programming; this is a difficult decision for us that has not been taken lightly. We are however confident that the benefits of the more powerful Primecut NE system will far outweigh any costs incurred in the upgrade process.

Contact us today to request info on upgrading from Primecut3 to PrimecutNE.

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