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CNC Plasma Cutting System Options for Any Size Shop

OEMs and fabrication shops alike need best-in-class equipment that fits their needs and budget, and that can maximize production output without sacrificing quality results. That’s why at Kinetic, we design and build our CNC plasma cutting machines and combination plasma cutting, milling and drilling systems in a range of sizes and with a variety of options. This plus our ability to offer almost unlimited customization allows us to satisfy just about any shop’s unique specifications and needs.

Read on to learn more about a few of the machine options we offer that are a fit for various size businesses, and contact us today to discuss your needs! Our team is standing by to help you choose the best machine for your specific application.

Which CNC Plasma Cutting System is Best for Your Sized Shop?

Fast, Precise Plasma Cutting for Small Fabricators

Our production cutting machines are perfect for small fabricators, steel service centers and OEM’s that need to cut lots of plate quickly and precisely. These value-oriented CNC plasma cutting machines can cut heavy-gauge material without sacrificing speed or accuracy, and their smaller footprint means they’ll fit into a variety of shops.

The Kinetic K1200 is perfect for fast plasma and oxy fuel cutting capabilities, and offers basic drilling functionality. With an integrated downdraft cutting table and fume extraction hood, enclosed gantry and three configurable stations on the main torch carriage, the K1200 helps businesses process plate quickly and precisely.

The Kinetic K2500 is our top-of-the-line production cutting machine, and is capable of plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, bevel cutting and multi-torch cutting. Features also include an optional 6-station drilling turret, four configurable stations on the main torch carriage, and an optional 5.5kW spindle

This machine delivers incredible accuracy and efficiency in a heavy-duty plasma cutting system that’s perfect for a wide variety of plate processing applications. When your business doesn’t quite need one of our larger and more sophisticated XMC-series machines, the K2500 is the perfect solution!

Advanced Plasma Cutting, Milling & Drilling for Larger Facilities with More Complex Needs
Our XMC-series combination machines have been designed from the ground up to offer sophisticated features that help businesses maximize productivity, efficiency and quality. And they combine a sophisticated plasma cutting system with a state-of-the-art vertical machining center in order to produce a wide array of complex parts in a single setup.

Our K3000xmc plasma cutting system is capable of plasma cutting, oxy cutting, bevel cutting, milling, drilling and more. It can drill up to a 1-1/2” hole and tap up to a 5/8” hole.

Our heavier-duty K4000xmc combination plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting and milling machine also combines cutting, milling, drilling and more into a machine with a little more horsepower. The K4000xmc machines are capable of drilling up to a 2-1/2” hole and tapping up to a 1” hole.

Both of these machines will allow you to process parts on a single setup without fixtures, and without moving work pieces from station to station. This means you can create complex bevelled, drilled and milled parts fast, and dramatically increase the efficiency of your operation.

Top-Of-The-Line Plasma Cutting, Milling, Drilling & More
For shops looking for maximum flexibility and sophistication, our K5000xmc is a heavy-duty combination plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting and milling machine that will give your business a competitive edge. These machines provide plasma and oxy fuel cutting with enhanced beveling capabilities plus advanced drilling milling, tapping and more. Our K5000xmc machines are capable of drilling up to a 4” hole from solid and tapping up to a 2” hole using traditional tooling, or they can create any size hole using our innovative hole interpolation and thread milling features.

They can slice through metal up to 3 inches thick while plasma cutting and can cut through 8-inch thick steel when oxy fuel cutting. They can bevel, mill, drill and more. Other time-saving features include a self-cleaning table, modular table slats, and a closed chip extraction system that automates chip collection.

In addition, the K5000xmc can be configured to include our “smart” automated part unloading system. Not only does it unload and palletize parts based on work order number or part number, but if you have multiple parts nested in a single sheet, our automated part unloader can select individual parts from the nest and then sort them onto multiple pallets based on a variety of criteria.

Another unique feature of our part unloading system is that it can travel under the cutting gantry. This allows operators to work both ends of the table simultaneously. This means your machine can cut, drill and mill parts, without stopping, day in and day out, minimizing machine downtime and maximizing cutting time for your business.

Ready to Maximize Production at Your Facility?
No matter what size facility you manage, and no matter how complex the parts you produce, Kinetic machines are a great solution. Not only do they cut plate accurately and quickly, they help you maximize productivity and boost your bottom line by combining multiple processes and smart automation into a single machine.

So if you’re ready to boost your shop’s productivity, contact us today to discuss your challenges and goals. Our knowledgeable team is here to assess your situation and estimate how much more productive you can be with the right plasma cutting system. We look forward to hearing from you!

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