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Combination Plasma Cutting Machine Myths Busted

There’s a fair share of misunderstandings out there about combination plasma cutting, milling, and drilling machines. Have those misconceptions kept you from taking a closer look at the advantages of combination plasma cutting machines? If yes, then you will benefit from this blog post!

Three Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe About Combination Plasma Cutting, Milling, and Drilling Machines

Myth #1: They are complicated to service.

While that might be true for some manufacturers’ machines, it’s not true for Kinetic. Kinetic combination plasma cutting machines are built from off-the-shelf, easy-to-source components that are readily available throughout the United States and worldwide. In fact, Kinetic keeps a well-stocked supply of common replacement parts that we can quick-ship to have in your hands within about 24 hours.

Also, we engineer our machines to allow remote access by our highly skilled technicians. Often, our techs can solve a problem in minutes through our remote helpdesk support service. That means our combination machines are easy and fast to service, minimizing downtime and helping your shop maximize production.

Myth #2: They are expensive.

Plasma cutting machines come in all price ranges depending on the manufacturer and the model. But don’t look at only the dollar amount alone when determining whether a machine will be worth the money. While a cheaper machine may save you a little bit of money out of the gate, it may not give you the best value over time.

We design Kinetic machines from the ground up to maximize productivity and output so that you’ll get the most from your investment. Think about it, wouldn’t it be well worth a little bit more upfront for a machine that will reduce the time it takes to make parts by 95 percent? That’s an impressive boost in productivity that will directly propel your profitability! In fact, we hear from our customers that Kinetic machines have faster ROI than many other brands on the market.

Myth #3: They are slow.

You might think that a machine with so much functionality must require a lot of setup time for each job. However, that is untrue! Specifically, Kinetic combination plasma cutting, drilling and milling machines come in custom lengths, so you can load materials at both ends of the table and do different processes at each end. As you’re unloading parts from one end, your machine can continue its operation on the other side. You can even nest parts right at the machine, which means better utilization of your raw materials and less waste.

Also, setup for the next job is easy. Quickly load your program using our state-of-the-art software system. And then there’s our innovative part unloading robot that automatically unloads, sorts, and organizes parts by part number or work order number. With all of these efficiency-enhancing features, our machines give you maximal productivity 365/24/7.

Can You Handle the Truth?
Of course, you can—because it will make your business more productive and profitable on every project! Contact us to learn more about how our combination plasma cutting, milling, and drilling machines can revolutionize the way you do business.

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