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K1200 Cutting System

Plasma & Oxy Fuel Cutting
Basic Drilling

Our mid-tier production cutting machine is perfect for heavier gauge material, without sacrificing speed or accuracy.

With an integrated downdraft cutting table and fume extraction hood, enclosed gantry, and three configurable stations on the main torch carriage, the K1200 helps businesses process plate quickly and precisely.

Cutting Capabilities

  • Plasma up to 2” thick
  • Oxy Fuel up to 2” thick
  • Plate cutting

Machining Capabilities

  • Drilling up to ¾” hole
  • Tapping up to ½” hole
  • Chamfering

Table Size

  • Widths: 5’8”, 6’8”, 8’8”
  • Lengths: 16’, 18’,  20’
  • Custom lengths & widths available

Maximize Productivity

  • Cutting and drilling in the same step
  • 1 carriage with up to 3 lifters
  • 6-station drilling turret
  • Part marking with plasma etching

Minimize Downtime

  • Downdraft table minimizes smoke and fumes
  • Removable dross drawers for fast cleanup
  • Standardized, quick-ship replacement parts

Speed & Accuracy

  • Best-in-class plasma accuracy
  • Traverse speed of 800”/min
  • Dual, pinion driven drive system with cam followers and linear bearings
  • 19” LCD touchscreen for fast setup and easy control
  • Fiber optic link to load programs quickly


  • Over-engineered for the rigors of modern manufacturing
  • Heavy-duty frame and component parts
  • Sturdy unibody construction
  • Misting coolant to prolong tooling life

Options & Accessories

  • Pilot drill
  • Part marking via plasma marking, percussion marking, inkjet or stamping

Available Cutting Heads

  • HyperthermXPR300XD
  • Oxy fuel cutting

Please note that our machine features and specifications are subject to change based on the latest engineering improvements. Contact us today with questions about specific machines and which Kinetic system will work best for your application.

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