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How a CNC Plasma Cutting Machine That Does Milling & Drilling Can Take Efficiency to New Heights

The more manufacturing processes you can handle efficiently, the more value you can offer to your customers and the more profit you can generate for your business. If you’re looking for ways to streamline your shop’s operations and do more for customers in less time, Kinetic machines can help. Our combination CNC plasma cutting machines not only cut; they also drill, mill and more.

Features and Functions that Make Kinetic Combination Plasma Cutting Milling & Drilling Machines a Win for Manufacturing Shops

Kinetic has a variety of CNC plasma cutting machines with drilling and milling capabilities available. Explore our website to learn more about each one. Below we’ve listed some of the features and characteristics that make them a superior choice for any size shop – from small job shops to large OEM’s and everything in between.

  • Advanced plasma and oxy fuel cutting
  • Enhanced bevel and multi-torch cutting
  • Drilling, milling, tapping, counterboring, chamfering, and more.
  • Parts marking and etching
  • CAT spindle with 24 tool stations
  • Optional 50-station tool library
  • Automated tool changing
  • Automated chip collection
  • Self-cleaning table and traveling dross bins for quick under-carriage cleanout
  • Coolant recycling
  • Table sizes up to 18’ wide and 200’ long
  • Traverse speed of 1,000” per minute
  • Dual rack and pinion drive system
  • PrimecutNE software for optimal control and project management

Benefits That Will Revolutionize Your Business
Our machines can dramatically reduce the time required to produce parts. With their automated processes and patented design, they help increase output, ensure accuracy and repeatability, reduce loading time, minimize downtime, decrease cleaning time, enable fast changeout, and reduce WIP.

Want Big Things for Your Shop?
Let’s talk about how Kinetic CNC plasma cutting machines that drill, mill, and do so much more can take your productivity and profitability to the next level. Contact us today to learn more!

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