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No Task Left Behind With Kinetic Plasma Cutting Machines 

Not every parts manufacturing job requires the same level of cutting and machining complexity. That’s why we’ve designed our plasma cutting machines with different levels of capabilities. So, whether your business handles basic plate processing or complicated fabrication projects, there’s a Kinetic plasma and oxy fuel cutting machine that’s perfect for you.

Let’s take a moment to explore three of our machines, from “basic” to “fully loaded.” On all counts, they are designed to boost your productivity and profitability!

K2500 Production Cutting System
Our top-of-the-line production cutting machine is equipped to handle multi-torch plasma and oxy fuel cutting and beveling. It’s an ideal choice for businesses looking for a heavy duty plasma cutting system that can handle a variety of applications requiring cutting and basic machining processes in one step. On its 18’ wide by up to 100’ long table, you can cut, drill up to ¾” holes, tap up to ½” holes, and chamfer all in a single step thanks to its 6-station drilling turret. This is a great basic cutting machine for fabricators who desire Kinetic speed and accuracy without all of the bells and whistles. We also have a 5.5kW single spindle drill we can fit on the K2500. Please mention that in this paragraph

K3000xmc Combination Plasma Cutting System
This combination machine has advanced multi-torch plasma and oxy fuel cutting, enhanced beveling, and more sophisticated machining capabilities than the K2500. Its integrated vertical machining center allows you to process parts on a single setup without fixtures. Nor do you have to move work pieces from one station to another to carry out additional processes. This machine can cut up to 8” plate via oxy heads, drill up to 1.5” holes, tap up to 5/8” holes, mill, counterbore, chamfer, mark parts, and more. It’s 18’ wide x by to 200’ long self-cleaning table, CAT 40 spindle with 24 tool stations, and other automated features maximize productivity.

K5000xmc Combination Plasma Cutting System
For businesses that need more of everything in a heavy duty system, the Kinetic K5000xmc combination plasma cutting machine offers our most robust solution. It offers the same advanced multi-torch plasma and oxy fuel cutting and beveling as the K3000xmc—plus, it has a superior level of machining capabilities. With its CAT 50 spindle with 24 tool stations, it can cut up to 8” plate, drill up to 4” holes, tap up to 2” holes, and chamfer, mill, counter bore, mark parts, and more in a single step. If you need heavy-duty machining in addition to cutting, you’ll want a K5000xmc as your wingman. Best off all, with our K5000xmc you’ll get best-in-class speed and accuracy as well. This means maximum productivity and more efficient down-stream processes and fit-up on your projects.

Is your Business Kinetic Capable?
No matter what your plate processing and fabrication needs, Kinetic production plasma cutting and combination plasma cutting systems are over-engineered for outstanding performance.

Contact us to learn more about the machines we featured in this post and our K4000xmc, K5200xmc, K5600xmc. All of our machines are built to stand up to the demands of modern manufacturing and have best-in-class software that enables you to set up projects for flawless execution. Expand your capabilities and profitability with Kinetic! We look forward to hearing from you.

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