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Three Ways the Kinetic K5600xmc Plasma Cutting System Is a Cut Above Other Plate Processing Machines

Accuracy, speed, quality—they’re must-haves in a plasma cutting system. And the Kinetic K5600xmc plasma cutting machine delivers all of the above exceptionally well. The K5600xmc is a combination cutting, drilling, and milling machine that combines all of the features of our K5000 system, but with the added benefit of our “Plate Dragga” pass-through table technology. Let’s take a look at how all that can help your business boost profitability.

A Closer Look at the K5600xmc Plasma Cutting System

1. Much More Than Cutting
The K5600xmc cuts, drill, and mills. Because it’s multi-capable, it reduces the time your operators have to spend handling WIP and allows your shop to elevate its productivity.

The K5600xmc has robust plasma and oxy fuel cutting capabilities—plasma cutting (up to 3″ thick) and oxy fuel cutting up to 3″ thick. It also does plasma and oxy fuel beveling, triple oxy fuel beveling, and pipe cutting.

Cutting is just the beginning! The K5600xmc can drill holes up to 4″, tap holes up to 2″, mill, thread mill, interpolate, mark parts, etch, counterbore, chamfer, and more.

2. Emphasis on Operator Friendliness
With multiple lifter stations for up to two independently driven plasma torches and a CAT 50 spindle with 24 tool holders, it’s built to deliver exceptional productivity.

The K5600xmc lets operators set up jobs quickly using its intuitive 19” LCD touchscreen and fiber optic link to load programs fast. It also comes with an array of built-in features to automate processes and tasks, including:

  • Automated tool height measurement
  • Automated tool changes in under three seconds
  • Automated tooling alerts to prevent breakdowns
  • Traveling dross bins for quick under-carriage cleanout
  • Closed chip extractions system for automated chip collection
  • Coolant recycling system to reduce the need for refills

The K5600xmc’s Plate Dragga pass-through table pulls material through a stationary gantry, rather than a traditional moving gantry when tackling cutting and machining processes.

3. Made With Unmatchable Reliability
We’ve engineered the K5600xmc combination plasma cutting, drilling, and milling machine to make sure you get the most impressive return on your investment possible. It’s strong and durable with a one-piece welded gantry design and heavy-duty frame and components. Other features that keep it performing at its best include, full protection for all lines and drives, and a through-spindle coolant to extend tooling life. It’s built to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

How Much More Productive Could Your Business Be With the Kinetic K5600xmc?
Wondering just how more efficient your operations might run if you use the Kinetic 5600xmc? Contact us today!

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