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10 Reasons You’ll Love Kinetic’s Plate Processing Machine Software

Not only are Kinetic plasma cutting machines engineered and constructed to deliver accuracy and speed, but they also have some serious “brains” to help you maximize productivity and profitability.

Our proprietary software, PrimecutNe, has features and functionality that give you optimal control. Ready to explore what it can do? We thought you’d never ask! Read on for ten reasons our proprietary software really rocks.

  1. It supports more than just cutting.
    With best in class support for advanced processing, not just cutting,  Primecut has been designed from the ground up to natively handle beveling, drilling, tapping, machining and marking. DSTV files can be imported and fully automatically processed, including compound bevels, counterboring and tapping of holes, and marking of fold lines.
  2. Speaking of more than cutting, it allows you to do quoting, nesting, plate stock management, scheduling, and advanced processing.
    PrimecutNe is a powerful portal. Your users can create quotes and jobs, nest parts onto plates, modify the cutting schedule, reconcile inventory of plates, and manage your plate stock library.
  3. It supports multiple users and activity on multiple machines.
    PrimecutNE allows for multiple users to simultaneously quote, specify jobs, and nest and schedule plates on multiple machines.
  4. It’s precisely designed for Kinetic plasma cutting and plate processing systems.
    PrimecutNE was made exclusively for our machines to give you maximal control over their operation and automation. It’s advanced technology that will help you advance your business!
  5. It interfaces directly with Touchcut.
    Primecut’s scheduling page directly interacts with Touchcut.  That means you can drag and drop programs to change the program priority or move programs between machines, remapping tooling as necessary along the way.  Touchcut machines can update Primecut with cutting status and progress, and notify when a plate has been cut.  Plus it can update plate tracking and remnant location information right from the controller screen.
  6. It includes a powerful auto-nesting engine.
    Primecut uses a variety of algorithms to determine part nesting and will select the best result from a range of different attempts.  Nests are scored on efficiency and regularity, plus powerful manual nesting tools make it easy to manipulate nests, create arrays, common-line and strip cut, chain cut and break up skeletons.  In addition to giving you complete control of part and plate grain and orientation, it will generate offcuts of any shape, track them in a database, and allow you to reuse them at a later date.
  7. It has an intuitive user interface.
    Our software has been designed for user ease of use. And we’re here for you if you need assistance. When you invite us to access your screen remotely, we can answer questions and help you work through issues.
  8. You can set different access permissions on a user-by-user basis.
    You decide who can use different features within the software. So, you can assign access based on individuals’ skill levels or positions within your company.
  9. It tracks all historical production data.
    You get valuable insight that you can use to improve future production. Our software stores critical information, such as plates that were cut, their heat number and serial numbers, what parts were cut from what jobs, on which machine parts were cut, by which operator, on what day and how long the job took versus how long we predicted, and more.
  10. We are always enhancing and improving its capabilities.
    Kinetic is committed to innovation. We will notify you when we launch new features and functionality. For a version-by-version list of enhancements we’ve made, check out the New Features page of our website.

For more information about our software, support, and plasma cutting machines, contact us today. As a worldwide leading manufacturer of world-class plate processing systems, Kinetic offers the technology and service to help you take your business’s productivity and profitability to new heights.

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