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Plasma Cutting & Machining Tools for Plate Processing Perfection

Having the right options and accessories can make an already exceptional plate processing machine even more valuable. At Kinetic, our plasma and oxy fuel cutting machines accommodate a variety of cutting heads and other tools so that you can tailor them to meet the specific applications your shop encounters.

Whatever your needs, you can create a system that will give you expanded capabilities and the utmost efficiency. Let’s take a look at the options our machines offer.

5 Plasma Cutting Processes for Superior Parts

  • Bevel Cutting Head
    This special cutting head, combined with the latest Hypertherm software, allows you to do precision contour bevel cutting up to a 52-degree angle.
  • Integrated Milling, Drilling & More
    Mill, drill, tap, bore, countersink, mill, and more with remarkable speed. Our tool changer holds up to 24 tools and has powerful, fast spindles from 17 to 48 horsepower.
  • Triple Oxy Torch
    Our machines can accommodate “triple oxy cutting,” using three torches to allow you to do full contour bevel cutting of thick metal in one pass.
  • Six-station Drilling & Tapping Turret
    For simple drilling and tapping needs, this turret enables quick changing of six drilling and tapping tools. It can do drilling to 1 ¼ inch and tapping to a ½ inch.
  • Part Marking Accessories
    From plasma etching to percussion marking, scribing, and inkjet marking, our machines can mark parts for any of a variety of purposes.

All You Need to Deliver Results That Are a Cut Above
With Kinetic plasma cutting machines in motion at your business, you can achieve unparalleled productivity as you turn around parts that are the epitome of precision.

Ready to learn more about our advanced plasma and oxy fuel cutting machines and their time-saving, capability-boosting accessories? Contact us today!

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