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Why an Automated Plasma Cutting Machine That Does Milling and Drilling is a Must for Manufacturers

OEMs face the constant challenge of finding ways to optimize productivity in their plate processing facilities. Attaining optimal efficiency has become essential for remaining competitive and profitable. At Kinetic, we stand committed to helping small and large manufacturers alike optimize their operational processes. Manufacturers around the globe rely on our automated plasma cutting machines that have multiple capabilities – like drilling and milling – to help them improve efficiency.

Why Are Kinetic’s Automated Plasma Cutting Machines a Must for Manufacturers?

  • One machine for cutting, drilling, milling, chamfering, and other processes means no need to move work from station to station on multi-process parts.
  • Our machines’ cutting versatility enables you to do plasma cutting, plasma bevel cutting, oxy fuel  cutting, oxy fuel bevel cutting, triple oxy cutting, triple oxy bevel cutting, and pipe cutting.
  • Multiple lifter stations allow for cutting with three independently driven plasma torches.
  • You can create large quantities of precise parts quickly—our machines have a traverse speed of 1,000” per minute.
  • Table size is ample—up to 18’ wide and 200’ long.
  • Our machines’ high-performance downdraft table keeps smoke and fumes minimal so that you can maintain a cleaner, healthier work environment.
  • They have a heavy-duty frame and durable parts to stand up to rigorous use.
  • Dual-driven rack-and-pinion drive system, linear rails with helical racking, and programmable ball screw drives for vertical axes deliver flawless, accurate motion.
  • A self-cleaning table design, coolant recycling system, traveling dross bins for under-carriage cleanout, closed chip extraction system for automated chip collection, and modular table slats…these are among the many features that save valuable time.
  • Our proprietary software gives you exceptional control via a user-friendly interface.
  • Optional features and accessories enable you to expand their capabilities. For example: additional 50-station tool library, automated parts removal system, pass-through table technology, part marking, water table, and more.
  • Get the support you need 24/7 every day all year long with our expert technical team.

How Much Can You Improve Your Productivity and Profitability With Kinetic Plasma Cutting Machines?
We’ll help you do the math. Contact us for a no-obligation time study to determine how much time our combination plate processing machines can shave off your production runs.

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