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Five Reasons to Choose the Kinetic K2500 Plasma Cutting System

High-level production requires a CNC plasma cutting system that offers the very best efficiency, accuracy, and versatility. With Kinetic’s K2500 production cutting machine, you get all that you need to accomplish a wide spectrum of plate cutting applications at a more affordable price than our larger machines. This means fast ROI in addition to precision plasma cutting.

Here’s why this machine will make an ideal addition to your fleet of plasma cutting and plate processing equipment.

Five Stand-out Benefits of the K2500 Cutting System

1. Versatility, Speed, and Accuracy
With a variety of available cutting heads, the K2500 can handle a range of needs. It does plasma cutting up to 3” thick, oxy fuel cutting up to 8” thick, plasma beveling, oxy fuel beveling, triple oxy fuel beveling, and pipe cutting. With a 19” LCD touchscreen for operator-friendly control, a traverse speed of 1,000” per minute, and a fiber optic link to load programs quickly, it cuts fast and accurately.

2. Machining and More
The K2500 plasma cutting system does drilling, with holes up to ¾”, and tapping, with holes up to ½”, too. It can chamfer, as well. With tables up to 18’ wide and up to 100’ long with custom lengths available, you can cut and machine parts from multiple sheets on both ends of the table if you choose.

3. Maximal Productivity
Top-notch efficiency is built into the K2500. It cut and drills in a single step and does plasma etching to mark parts. Its six-station drilling turret and multiple lifter stations for up to two independently driven plasma torches are real productivity boosters, too. Plus, our automated part unloading robot can be integrated right into the K2500, to dramatically speed up unloading and sorting of finished parts.

4. Reduced Downtime
With the K2500, you won’t have to worry about losing valuable productivity time. Its high-performance downdraft table emits very little smoke or fumes, and the K2500 has removable dross drawers that make under-carriage cleanout a breeze. It also has modular table slats that can be changed out in a matter of minutes. And, if you ever need replacement parts, we have them available on a quick-ship basis.

5. First-Rate Durability
We have over-engineered the K2500 to stand up to today’s manufacturing demands. It’s built with a heavy-duty frame and long-lasting components, has floor-mounted rails with protection, and prolongs tooling life with misting coolant.

Why Settle for Less Than the Best in a Plasma Cutting System?
Not all plate processing equipment is created equal. Contact us today and talk with us about how the K2500 can help you achieve unprecedented productivity and profitability.

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