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3 Ways the K2500 Plasma Cutting System Can Boost Your Profitability

Time is money, so it pays to have a plasma cutting system that delivers exceptional performance. And that’s exactly what Kinetic’s K2500 production cutting machine does. With standard features that are a cut above other machines and optional accessories to expand its capabilities, it drives productivity and boosts profitability. Best of all, at a more affordable price than our larger machines, the K2500 delivers fast ROI to busy fabricators.

Three Ways the K2500 Plasma Cutting Machine Can Improve Your Bottom Line

1. Handles Multiple Processes
The K2500 can cut and drill in the same step, and it can do tapping, chamfering, and parts marking and etching. That saves valuable time because there’s no need to move pieces to different machines for downstream processes.

2. Works Fast and Accurately
It’s built for speed and precision. Operators have a 19” LCD touchscreen that allows them to set up jobs quickly and manage them easily. The K2500 has a traverse speed of 1,000”/minute and a dual, pinion-driven drive system with cam followers and linear bearings to ensure smooth, flawless performance. With the addition of our automated part unloading system, your parts can come off the table and be sorted onto multiple pallets while the machine continues cutting. This feature dramatically speeds production while increasing efficiency and operator safety.

3. Keeps Things Moving Along
With the K2500, downtime won’t bring your production to a grinding halt. Its high-performance downdraft table has modular table slats that allow for fast changeout. And under-carriage cleanout is easy because the dross drawers are removable. Also, if ever you need replacement parts, you’ll get them fast thanks to our standardized, quick-ship process.

More to Love About the K2500 Plasma Production Cutting Machine
With seven different cutting head possibilities, the K2500 can do plasma cutting and beveling, oxy fuel cutting and beveling, pipe cutting, and triple oxy beveling. Optional accessories make it even more versatile and valuable. We over-engineer the K2500 with exceptional durability to last for the long haul and stand up to the demands of modern manufacturing. This makes it the perfect machine for high-volume cutting and plate processing when our larger machines aren’t the right fit.

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