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Three Ways the Kinetic K3000xmc Plasma Cutting System Is a Production Game-Changer

Time is money for plate processing operations, so having a plasma cutting system that can deliver optimal output and productivity is a must. With Kinetic’s K3000xmc plasma cutting system, you get advanced plasma and oxy fuel cutting, drilling, and milling capabilities. It reduces production time by allowing you to complete multiple processes in a single set-up. And its ample table size – up to 18 feet wide and 200 feet long – provides plenty of room to tackle big jobs. Read on for just a few benefits of this powerful machine! And contact us today to learn more and request pricing.

Three Powerful Benefits of the K3000xmc Plasma Cutting System

1. One Machine, Multiple Capabilities
The K3000xmc offers a full range of plasma and oxy fuel cutting choices. You can do plasma cutting up to 3” thick, oxy fuel cutting up to 8” thick, plasma beveling, oxy fuel beveling, triple oxy fuel beveling, and pipe cutting.

Not only can you cut with the K3000xmc machine, but you can also do drill holes up to 1½”, tap holes up to 5/8″, mill, counterbore, thread mill, chamfer, mark parts, and more.

With a CAT 40 spindle with 24 tool stations and automated tool changes in under three seconds, you get unparalleled versatility and efficiency. Because you can do so much on just one piece of equipment, you minimize the need to move WIP from station to station, thus saving time and increasing output.

2. Performance Perfection
You have complete control via a user-friendly 19″ LCD touchscreen for fast setup and a fiber optic link to load programs quickly. With the K3000xmc plasma cutting system, you get remarkable speed and accuracy. Features include a traverse speed of 1,000 inches per minute, dual driven rack and pinion drive system, programmable ball screw drives for vertical axes, line bearing guide system, self-cleaning table, automated tool height measurement, travelling dross bins for quick under-carriage cleanout, modular table slats that enable fast changeout, and automated chip collection.

3. Built to Last
Kinetic has engineered the K3000xmc plasma cutting machine to stand the test of time, reduce downtime, and stand up to the most rigorous manufacturing demands. It has a heavy-duty frame and components, full protection for all lines and drives, floor-mounted rails with protection, and a through-spindle coolant to extend tooling life.

Ready to Up Your Game?
Contact us to learn more about the K3000xmc plasma cutting machine and our other innovative plate processing equipment. We look forward to helping you take your productivity to the next level!

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