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How to Maximize Productivity from Your CNC Plasma Cutting System

In today’s fast-paced economy, businesses are forced to maximize every minute and every dollar. And smart businesses understand the value of machinery that helps increase productivity. That’s why, at Kinetic, our innovative machines do more than just cut plate. They help businesses maximize productivity and profitability by helping them find ways to save time and boost output.

By combining traditional plate processing technology with vertical machining functions that can drill, mill, tap, bore and more, we help plate processors eliminate multiple setups, do away with moving WIP from station to station, and ultimately save time and money.

When choosing a combination plasma cutting, milling and drilling machine for your business, the right combination of features can mean the difference between a machine that helps your business keep up, and a machine that helps your business get ahead. Read on to learn more!

3 Ways to Increase Productivity with a Plasma Cutting System 

Multi-Process Machines
For companies that are looking to increase production speed, machines that contain multiple processes all in one are a smart choice. Our CNC plasma cutting machines with integrated cutting, milling and drilling deliver maximum productivity by performing a wide variety of processes in a single setup. This eliminates the need to move heavy workpieces from station to station after cutting is complete, and allows fabricators to dramatically decrease the amount of time and handling it takes to complete a run of parts. Plus, when you add in capabilities for both plasma and oxy-fuel in the same machine, bevel cutting, part marking, and other processes, you’ll find that a true multi-process machine can boost your shop’s efficiency to new heights.

Smart Automation
The more you can look for a machine that can automate processes, the less downtime for your operation and the more productive and profitable your business will be. Automated features are the key to running a true 24/7/365 manufacturing operation. Just a few of the things that are automated on a Kinetic machine include:

  • Material handling, part unloading and sorting
  • Tool height measurement and tooling changes
  • Chip, smoke and dross collection
  • And more

Easy-to-Use Software
If your team is busy fumbling through complicated modules and menus to set up jobs and manage processes, you could end up costing your business time on the production floor instead of saving time in production. At Kinetic, our machines run on our own proprietary software that has been designed to help job shops and OEM’s alike maximize efficiency and profitability.

Our software, PrimecutNE, is easy to use on the fly and offers an intuitive interface that makes programming our machines a breeze. Primecut supports multiple users, allowing them to simultaneously quote, specify jobs, nest, schedule plates for multiple machines and manage plate inventory. Plus it integrates with a wide range of third-party ERP and MRP systems.

Ready to Make Your Business More Productive and Profitable?
All of these features will save you precious time, save money and boost your bottom line without slowing you down. Contact us today to find out more about how our CNC plasma cutting systems will revolutionize your business’s productivity and profitability. We look forward to helping your business gain the Kinetic advantage!

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