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Custom Plasma Cutting System Options to Make Your Machine Unique

Many manufacturers and fabricators have unique needs that non-customizable machines just can’t meet. That’s why at Kinetic we offer the ability to customize our plasma cutting machines to meet the needs of just about any operation. Not every shop fabricates and cuts the same parts and components, so that’s why we build machines that are as unique as each of our customers.

Read on to learn about just a few of the many ways we can customize a plasma cutting system to meet your exact requirements!

5 Ways to Customize Your Kinetic CNC Plasma Cutting Machine 

Multiple Hypertherm Plasma Choices
Hypertherm is the top choice in plasma cutting technology, and they offer a range of systems that can be incorporated into a machine. At Kinetic, you can choose the Hypertherm system that best matches the material and specs you’re cutting to. From the XPR170XD system for simple cutting, to the HPR800XD for the thickest plate and also stainless steel applications, having a range of Hypertherm systems to choose from will allow you to customize the cutting system in your machine to meet your specific needs. Cutting thin steel? There are options that will fit your needs. Cutting thick plate? There are options that will fit your needs. Cutting stainless steel? There are options that will fit your needs.

Multiple Torch Configurations
If you need to mix and match cutting technologies, look for a machine that can handle multiple torch configurations. A feature that is unique to Kinetic machines is that our cutting gantry can be configured to hold multiple plasma heads and oxy fuel heads at the same time. This allows you to switch between cutting formats quickly on a project-by-project basis, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity. Plus, our plasma systems offer full bevel cutting capabilities, and we are also one of the only machine manufacturers to support triple oxy bevel cutting.

Multiple Gantries
If you want to keep your machines productive 24/7/365, one of the options to consider is adding a second gantry. In fact, we can configure a machine with multiple gantries that will enable you to cut multiple setups at the same time on the same table. Imagine having multiple cutting machines in one piece of equipment, it’s possible with a multiple-gantry machine. Plus, with the addition of our automated part unloading system, a multiple-gantry machine will remove parts and sort them onto pallets while continuing to cut. Talk about a boost to productivity and profitability!

Part Marking
Our part marking options can scribe everything from part numbers to alignment marks and logos into your parts during the cutting process to help your team work faster and smarter. From plasma marking to percussion marking, stamping or inkjet marking, we can customize your machine to help you work faster and smarter, eliminating the need for downstream processes.

Smart Automation
If you’re looking for ways to maximize productivity and cut more parts faster, consider our part unloading robot. This smart feature can be easily programmed to remove parts from the machine, and safely stack them on pallets by part number or work order number. Because the robot can move under the gantry, it can cover the full length of the cutting table. That means you can set up your machine to cut parts at one end while unloading at the other end. In many cases, this allows for true 24/7/365 cutting. Plus is increases operator safety, reduces the manpower needed to run parts and sort them, and dramatically speeds up production.

Ready to Customize a Machine For Your Shop?
At Kinetic, we’re more than just a manufacturer of innovative plasma cutting machines. We help plate processors of all sizes increase productivity, maximize output and make the most of their equipment investment. We’ve reimagined the plasma cutting machine from the ground up with a focus on speed, accuracy and durability, and we stand behind our machines with industry-leading service and support. And – with a variety of custom options available, we can design a custom machine to help your business cut the parts you need as effectively as possible.

Contact us today to learn more about customizing a plasma cutting system for your operation. We’re standing by to help!

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