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Long-Term CNC Plasma Cutting System ROI That’s Worth the Wait

Throughout the metal fabrication industry, lead times are increasing, costs are rising and busy fabricators are facing more pressure than ever before to maximize output and reduce costs. When planning for the years ahead, how can you be sure your machine investment is going to pay off over the long term?

Instead of looking for a quick fix, smart businesses look for CNC plasma cutting machines that will benefit their operations over time, and at Kinetic, we are committed to revolutionizing your operation’s productivity and profitability over the long run. Read on to learn how the right CNC plasma cutting system can help your company prosper over the next decade or more.

Reduce Labor Costs & Headaches

Moving manpower from task to task and shifting workpieces from station to station can negatively impact your efficiency and drive labor costs up, which is why Kinetic machines allow you to perform multiple fabrication processes in a single setup. From part-marking, tapping, drilling, milling, cutting and more, a Kinetic system can get the job done – all in one step. As a result, over the 15- to 20-year lifespan of a Kinetic plasma cutting machine, the savings and positive impact of an all-in-one machine on your business can be monumental.

Reduce Downtime

Thanks to robust build quality, standardized component parts, and quick-ship parts and consumables, a Kinetic machine allows you to spend more time cutting and less time performing maintenance and repairs. When your machine is cutting and processing plate, you’re making money. But when your machine is out of service, you’re paying for lost output plus repairs. Accountants will tell you the “opportunity cost” of downtime in a busy production operation can be huge! When you consider your operations over the next decade or two, the difference in cost savings, the long-term ROI and the increase in productivity you will gain from a Kinetic machine is almost immeasurable compared to other brands.

Maximize Productivity & Profitability

When coupled with our automated part unloader, customized table lengths and multiple-gantry capabilities, Kinetic plasma cutting systems can process plate almost 24/7/365 with minimal manpower. For example, with these productivity enhancing options, a busy fabricator might cut their labor needs by more than half. From there it only stands to reason that this type of set-up will allow you to run two or even three shifts of production at the same cost as a single shift with a less-productive machine. So when making machine purchasing decisions, be sure to compound your labor savings and increased output over the 10- to 20-year life of the machine to see the true benefit of your investment over time.

Save Time & Boost Your Bottom Line

With smart automation, better workflows, easier-to-use software, a web app that allows you to view the status of the machine, automated part unloading and more, Kinetic machines are designed to reduce manpower, save time and ramp up production. By combining vertical machining functions that can bore, tap, mill, drill and more with traditional plate processing technology, a Kinetic machine can help you eliminate multiple setups, put an end to moving product from station to station, and ultimately save you time and money. When you consider how these features can help you boost your bottom line over the next decade without slowing you down, it makes a Kinetic machine an easy choice.

Ready to Get Started?

When you look at the cost savings and productivity-enhancing benefits of a Kinetic plasma cutting system and extrapolate those benefits over 10 or 20 years, you can see why top fabricators and OEMs worldwide choose Kinetic CNC plasma cutting systems. To learn more about how a Kinetic machine can take your operation to the next level over the next decade or longer, contact our team today. We look forward to helping your business gain the Kinetic advantage!

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