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CNC Plasma and Oxy Fuel Cutting Machines You Can Count On

Having the right design and capabilities in a CNC plasma and oxy fuel cutting machine is critical for OEMs and small fabrication shops alike. That’s because achieving maximum productivity — and profitability — requires a cutting system that’s both innovative and dependable. At Kinetic, we manufacture our CNC plasma and oxy fuel cutting machines to provide the best accuracy, speed, durability and reliability. And that means they provide the best efficiency and productivity, too.

So what makes Kinetic plasma cutting systems the right choice? Here’s a rundown of the features and capabilities that help fabricators and manufacturers boost their efficiency while create parts with top-notch precision.

7 Ways Kinetic CNC Oxy Fuel and Plasma Cutting Systems Can Elevate Your Efficiency 

1. Built to Maximize Output
Whether you need a production cutting machine to produce large volumes of simple parts or a combination plasma cutting milling and drilling machine that performs multiple processes (milling, drilling, chamfering, etc.) in a single system, you can maximize your output with Kinetic on the job. Our machines are made to keep your line running 24/7/365. And with so many processes in a single machine, you’ll eliminate the need to move parts from station to station performing secondary operations.

2. Automated Tool Changes to Keep Things Moving
Our combination CNC plasma and oxy fuel cutting machines change tools automatically in under three seconds. That means no lost time or additional manual labor that can slow down the manufacturing process.

3. Modular Table Slats That You Can Swap Out With Ease
Every plasma cutting system produces dross and chips that degrade the cutting table over time, however most machines don’t have a way to swap out their worn table slats easily. Our machines are different; they have a modular table system that enables you to change out heavily used slats quickly. That means less downtime as you restore your table to good-as-new condition.

4. Time-Saving Self-Cleaning Table with Chip and Dross Extraction System
Kinetic machines’ innovative downdraft table has an automatic chip and dross extraction system that collects and removes dross, chips, and waste. It gives your techs one less task to deal with manually and maximizes machine uptime. Thanks to our following dross bins, dross is collected in an easy to empty container, while our closed extraction system pulls chips away and deposits them in a bin for simple cleanout.

5. Cutting & Drilling Versatility to Expand Your Capabilities
Kinetic combination plasma cutting machines allow you to perform multiple processes in a single step on stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum plate. Our machines can:

  • Plasma cut
  • Oxy Fuel cut
  • Bevel
  • Mill
  • Drill
  • Counterbore
  • Chamfer
  • Mark parts
  • And more

Depending on the model, our machines can slice through 3-inch thick metal when plasma cutting and up to 8-inch thick metal when oxy fuel cutting. Some can drill up to 4-inch holes and tap holes up to 2 inches in diameter. That kind of flexibility means you can create a wide array of complex, heavy-duty parts.

6. Customizable to Satisfy Your Shop’s Unique Specifications
At Kinetic, we understand that no OEM or fabricator has “one-size-fits-all” needs. That’s why we work with our clients to customize their machines to their specifications. From expanded table lengths to multiple gantries to multiple lift stations to part marking capabilities, and more, we will ensure you have your machine your way!

7. Software for Unprecedented Control and Efficiency
Our proprietary PrimeCut NE software gives your technicians the ability to quote, specify jobs, nest, and schedule plates for multiple machines. Its visual user interface provides an intuitive way for your team to set up and manage jobs from start to finish. And our unique web app, allows operators, forklift drivers and others to monitor production remotely.

All That and More
You’ll discover that Kinetic focuses on helping you succeed! We provide responsive support 24/7 to answer your questions and troubleshoot issues. And when you need replacement parts, we have standard parts and components in stock and ready to ship at a moment’s notice from various locations worldwide.

Contact us today to learn about how Kinetic CNC plasma and oxy fuel cutting machines can give your business a cutting-edge advantage. We look forward to hearing from you!

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