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K5600xmc Plasma Cutting System

Advanced Plasma & Oxy Fuel Cutting
Enhanced Bevel & Multi Torch Cutting
Advanced Drilling, Milling & More
Plate Dragga Pass Through Table

The K5600xmc plasma cutting system combines all of the features and specifications of our innovative K5000 system but with the addition of our “Plate Dragga” pass-through table technology. This means that instead of a traditional moving gantry, the material is pulled through a stationary gantry for cutting, drilling, marking and more.

This heavy-duty combination plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, and milling machine will give your business a competitive edge. With multiple functions in a single machine, there’s no need for complex fixtures, multiple setups, or moving work pieces from station to station, maximizing productivity and profitability for your business.

Cutting Capabilities

  • Plasma up to 3” thick
  • Oxy Fuel up to 3” thick
  • Plasma Beveling
  • Oxy Fuel Beveling up to 45 degrees

Machining Capabilities

  • Drilling up to 4” hole
  • Tapping up to 2” hole
  • Milling
  • Counter Boring
  • Chamfering
  • Hole Interpolation
  • Thread Milling
  • Part Marking

Table Size

  • 10′ wide cutting area
  • 20′ or 40′ long inbound
  • Plate Dragga pass-through table

Maximize Productivity

  • Cutting, milling, drilling and more in the same step
  • Single lifter station for 1 plasma torch
  • CAT 50 spindle with 24 tool holders
  • Automated tool changes in under 3 seconds
  • Part marking with plasma etching

Minimize Downtime

  • Automated tooling alerts prevent breakdowns
  • Auto tool height measurement reduces loading time
  • High performance downdraft table minimizes smoke and fumes
  • Innovative self-cleaning table design saves time
  • Closed chip extraction system automates chip collection
  • Coolant recycling system minimizes refills
  • Standardized, quick-ship replacement parts

Speed & Accuracy

  • Best-in-class plasma accuracy
  • Best-in-class machining accuracy
  • Best-in-class repeatability
  • Traverse speed of 800”/min for maximum operator safety
  • Dual driven rack and pinion drive system
  • Linear rails with helical racking
  • Programmable ball screw drives for vertical axes
  • Linear bearing guide system on all axes
  • 19” LCD touchscreen for fast setup and easy control
  • Fiber optic network link to load programs quickly


  • One-piece welded gantry designed for the rigors of modern manufacturing
  • Full protection for all lines and drives
  • Heavy-duty frame and component parts
  • Through-spindle coolant to extend tooling life

Options & Accessories

  • Part marking via inkjet or percussion
  • Complete customization for your specific application

Available Cutting Heads

  • Hypertherm HPR400XD
  • Hypertherm XPR300XD
  • Hypertherm XPR170
  • Oxy Fuel cutting
  • Plasma bevel cutting
  • Oxy fuel bevel cutting
  • Multi torch cutting

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