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How to Maximize Productivity with The Right Plasma Cutting, Milling & Drilling System

If you want to maximize profitability, it’s critical to find ways to save time and boost output. That’s why a growing number of fabricators and OEMs are turning to combination plasma cutting, milling, and drilling systems.

But there’s more to look for in a plasma cutting system than just the ability to handle multiple fabrication processes. Below are three characteristics you should also consider when choosing a combination plasma cutting machine for your business. The right combination of features and benefits can mean the difference between a machine that helps your business keep up, and a machine that helps your business get ahead. Read on to learn more!

Three Points to Keep Top of Mind When Selecting the Right Combination Plasma Cutting System for your Shop

1. Programming Ease
If your techs have to fumble through complicated modules and menus to set up jobs and manage processes, you could end up costing your business time on the production floor instead of saving time in production. When you buy a Kinetic combination cutting machine, you gain the advantage of our PrimecutNE software’s ease of use and intuitive interface. Our flagship nesting software supports multiple users, allowing them to simultaneously quote, specify jobs, nest, schedule plates for multiple machines, manage plate inventory, and more. Also, our software integrates with several third-party ERP and MRP systems.

2. Accuracy
Imperfect parts waste time and money, and a fast cutting machine is only valuable if it also delivers precision. That’s why we’ve designed our plasma cutting systems to provide best-in-class speed and accuracy. Parts that come off of our machines have gone through multiple processes within precise tolerances. The end result is that they require minimal fine-tuning during additional downstream fabrication processes, fit up and assembly.

3. Automation
Automated features are the key to running a true 24/7/365 manufacturing operation. That’s why Kinetic combination plasma cutting machines offer automated:

  • Material handling
  • Part unloading and sorting
  • Tool height measurement
  • Tool changes
  • Tooling alerts
  • Chip collection
  • And more

All of these things save you precious time, save money, and boost your bottom line without slowing you down. In fact, many of our machines’ automated functions take place while your machine continues to cut parts.

Put the Right Plasma Cutting System on the Job
Contact us today to learn more about the timesaving, profitability-boosting benefits of Kinetic’s combination plasma cutting, milling and drilling systems. We look forward to helping your business maximize productivity!

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