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With up to 24 tools capacity in the automatic tool changer, parts can be removed from the table with all holes drilled and tapped.

  • High speed spindles from 17HP to 48HP
  • For drilling, tapping, countersinking, counterboring, milling, reaming
  • 40 and 50 Taper for universal tool applications
  • Servo driven clamp foot to assist in holding the plate during machining operations
  • High pressure through spindle coolant
  • Chip removal system to clear chips from the plate surface

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How Do Kinetic Machines

Reduce Cost + Increase Productivity?

Smart Machine Design

Our machines are built for 24/7/365 operation, in order to minimize downtime and keep your business running smoothly three shifts a day.

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All-In-One Cutting, Drilling & More

See how our K5000xmc plasma cutting system delivers less fixturing, less moving WIP from station to station, and dramatically increased output.

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Best-In-Class Accuracy

We lead the industry in cutting accuracy, milling accuracy and repeatability. Find out how this can help your business save time and maximize production.

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